Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pop of Yellow

For those of you who never thought yellow eyeliner would look good, you are wrong! I was one of you, but with blue eyes I think the subtle pop of yellow really works! This look is great for a summer night. It kind of looks like a sunset! 

This look was done with all Anastasia Beverly Hills. I used:

The Artist Palette in shades Aubergine & Orange You Fancy
Single shadows from the Summer Collection in Fawn and Peach Sorbet
Waterproof Creme Color in Yellow & Jet
House of Lashes Lashes in Iconic
ABH Lipgloss in Dainty

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fresh Balayage

If you are a mom, or just generally busy, or just generally cheap, you are like me and don't get around to getting your hair done that often. I, for one, only get my hair done once a year. Yes thats right, once a year. But its fine, because of balayage hair painting, it grows out beautifully, without looking rooty. It doesn't work for everyone, for instance if you have dark hair and have super blonde highlights, then this won't work. But if you only go a few shades lighter with your highlights, then this could definitely work for you. Balayage is the art of hair painting. So instead of using foils using harsh streaky highlights in your hair, balayage is painted in exactly where the sun would hit your hair, leaving it looking naturally lightened, as a childs hair does when they spend the summer outside. 

I recommend going to a higher end stylist, or a colour specialist who is experienced in balayage. I went to one woman when I first wanted this look done, and she completely ruined my hair. I had grown my hair out for 6 months to create enough root to add natural looking ombre/balayage, and she used foils and gave me huge chunky 1990s streaks. Blah. Thank god for Karl Brown at Axis Salon in Downtown Vancouver, for saving my hair and giving me this gorgeous colour. Here are some shots of my latest doo. Ive also clipped in some My Fantasy Hair extensions for thickness. My shade is butterscotch but I custom coloured some roots on them to make them more natural. 

Head over to and use code MELISSA for some money off your purchase! Each purchase also comes with a case and hanger for your extensions.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Lavender & Gold Party Theme

Todays post is going to be a little bit different. Instead of makeup and beauty Im going to switch gears and do some lifestyle shiz! Is that ok with everyone? If not... well... sorry!

It was recently my daughters 2nd birthday and I just had to throw her an amazing party! Last year we were building a house and hadn't moved in yet when her first birthday hit, so I never got to throw her the 1st Birthday of every pinterest moms dreams. This year, we moved into our new home and I was finally able to throw our first party, and what a better opportunity then my baby girl, now big girl, Aniston's birthday! 

I wanted it to be a beautiful, elegant, princessey themed party, but didn't want it to be pink. A few weeks earlier I bought her a gorgeous lavender and gold tule skirt at H&M and thought, why not base the party off the skirt? So lavender and gold it was.

*Please excuse the image quality. Im not sure why they aren't coming across crisp as clear!


Everything was completely home made, or purchased from our local party supply store. I wanted a gold sparkly table cloth to go over the purple table skirt, but they were waaaaay too expensive for my large table. Instead, I substituted with a gorgeous champagne gold, sparkly runner.

I baked lavender cupcakes in gold wrappers, and lavender sugar cookies. (seen on the 3 tier plate) I wish I got some close ups of the cupcakes and cookies, etc, but was super flustered as guests were about to arrive! however, I made the cupcake toppers with a heart punch from Martha Stewart, on some gold craft paper, super glued to large skewers.

The gorgeous crystal antique cake stand is actually super affordable from Amazon. Its not as sturdy as I was expecting, and the giant heavy cake had to be removed, but it was only $30! I also made the mason jars holding the cutlery and straws. I placed some painters tape around the jar, sprayed the bottom with spray adhesive, and sprinkled some gold glitter on top. Viola! Im going to reuse these as flower vases.

My mom and I actually made this banner aswell! It was way cheaper then buying off of Easy. I think it cost me a total of $20. Time and patience were expensive though! This took us a few hours with the paper cutter, but we got it done! I don't know if you can tell from the photo but the gold parts are actually gorgeously sparkly! The letters were a saving grace, and were simply stickers from Michaels. Love that store!!

We made these streamers from a gold table cloth, and the T-W-O is from Michaels, and I just sprayed with adhesive and sprinkled glitter on top. Im still finding sparkles in my house!

This cake was also homemade, but I can't take credit. It was our friend Michelle who makes gorgeous cakes! She actually hates making cakes, but does it for her friends. Who has this kind of talent yet hates it!? So stunning.

I also threw some lemonade on the table for good measure, as well as a jar of yellow and lavender candy, which is hiding behind me go figure. 

All in all it was a great day and our little girl was so happy and excited by her party! She woke up from her nap to all the decorations and all her friends and family ready to celebrate with her!

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