Thursday, April 10, 2014

Naked2 Everyday Eye Repost!

Hey friends! So YouTube deleted my video on the Naked2 Everyday eye. WAH! Why would they do that! It says I deleted it but why would I do such a thing? Regardless... here is the new video. Enjoy! Of course I used the Naked2 Palette as well as Sigma Brushes. For 10% off Sigma Brushes use code SPRING2014 at checkout!

Here are some updated pics and the link for the video! WATCH ME!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Navy + Violet = YES

Im not gonna lie... this is probably my favourite look Ive created. Its a cool toned look with violets and navys, but the warmth of the bronzer as transition really seals the deal. When you're wearing warm shades try adding in a touch of cool, and when you're wearing cool, add some warmth. The opposite colour really brightens the base shades! Its like adding salt to your chocolate milk to boost the sweetness!!

This look was created with the Kat Von D Beethoven Palette.

1. Start with Sinner in the upper crease with a blending brush
2. Apply Rad Purple in the outer corners and blending into the crease, to form a soft cut crease
3. Pack Galeano onto the lid
4. Apply  Tequila onto the inner lid and into the inner corner creating a gradient effect
5. Line your waterline with navy liner, Im using NYX slide on liner in Sunrise Blue
6. Blend out with Speed Blue
7. Use Rad Purple on the outer corner of your lower lid
8. Using a blending brush apply Nars Laguna bronzer just onto of Sinner in the upper crease.
9. Apply a touch of liquid liner and your favourite lashes. I used House of Lashes in Pixie Luxe.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Pink Ombre Brow Tutorial VIDEO!

If you don't remember I did a post recently with pink ombre eyebrows. A lot of people were asking, so I decided to do a tutorial on youtube. Here are some photos to refresh your memory, and here's a link to the vid! Enjoy y'all! WATCH ME!

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