How To: Fix Your Broken Eyeshadows

Don't you hate when you're in a rush to get ready and you accidentally drop your favourite eyeshadow or blusher? Especially if its, say, a Dior palette? Theres 60 bucks down the drain! Well never fear bitches! Auntie Melrae is here to help you.

Its soooooo easy too. First, here's what you need. Alcohol rub. That's it, alcohol rub! Get the highest proof you can in the first aid section of your supermarket or drug store. It retails at about $2. Now you begin. Simply drop one or two droplets of the alcohol onto the crack in your shadow and lightly pat with your finger or a q-tip to mold the shadow back together. If your shadow is completely shattered just use more alcohol and mush it until its all patted into one (almost) solid form. Wait a few hours and the alcohol should be evaporated and the shadow be back to its dry powdery form. Vuala!