How To: Keep Lashes Curled All Day!

I have the straightest, flattest, lamest lashes ever. They stick straight out instead of flipping up. I used to curl before putting on mascara, after, and throughout the day and nothing worked. My lashes stayed curled for like 15 minutes and then go straight again. To top it off I have  relatively small eyes, so without a nice set of curled lashes, my eyes look miniscule. This was a huge frustration for me, until... I discovered this amazing trick!

Ever curl your hair into perfect ringlets, only to have them fall out by moisture in the air, or a crazy rain storm? Or you wake up in the morning with little kinks in your hair, the easiest way to get rid of them is to spray some water in your hair and lightly blow dry right? What is the common denominator? WATER! What are eyelashes? LITTLE HAIRS! Is your mind blown yet?

The same thing applies to your eyelashes, if you have problem lashes like mine that don't stay curled the problem is your mascara. Most mascaras are water based, so when you apply the water based mascara to freshly curled lashes, you're weighing them down, and taking out the curl. Simple fix, switch your mascara to a waterproof formula. Its like hairspray for your eyelashes and those flipped up lashes will stay put all day.

My favourite waterproof mascara has got to be Make Up For Ever's Aqua Smokey Lash. It curls, and thickens and is the blackest of blacks making your eyelashes look amazing. However, it dries out extremely fast so you have to use it up quickly or you'll end up chucking it, and the shit does NOT come off. You really have to get some heavy duty makeup remover to get it completely off. A cheaper product that is really great and doesn't dry out is Loreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara.