Look Better in Photos!

Have you ever gotten all glammed up for a night out on the town, looked absolutely fabulous when you left the house, but returned home with a digital camera full of tanned bronzed bodies and bright white faces? There are two offenders when it comes to the problem of the the glowing white face. SPF and Shimmery glittery makeup.

First off, shimmery makeup can be pretty, in small doses. I repeat SMALL doses. The point of makeup is to accentuate what you have, not to scream to the world, "look at all the makeup I have on!" That withstanding, it also causes a problem with flash photography. Ever wonder what makes sparkles sparkle? Its because they reflect light, duh! Well that's what you're putting on your face, tons of little tiny light reflectors. This is why your face is looking fluorescent white in photos at night, your face is literally reflecting the flash back at the camera. Skip anything shimmery and and anything advertised with "light reflecting minerals." Keep your face as matte as possible and then add shimmer in where necessary. Your cheek bones, temples, and bridge of the nose. A delicate shimmer in your blush is OK, as long as you don't overdo it.  A great highlighter is Benefit's High Beam, or Moon Beam. Its liquid, easily blendable, and isn't sparkly and fake its delicate and glowing.

I love Catherine Zeta-Jones, she usually looks flawless, but this is a perfect example of shimmery bronzer gone wrong. No glowing white face, but just an orange sparkly mess.

The other offender is SPF. SPF is completely necessary during the day to keep skin protected and youthful for years to come, but its not needed at night. SPF contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which reflect light. So just like your sparkly bronzer, the SPF in your moisturizer or foundation is reflecting the flash back at the camera, making your face look white. When you know you're going to be photographed skip the SPF moisturizer. A great lightweight product without SPF is Philosophy's Hope in a Jar.

Keep these tips in mind for your next night out on the town! One step closer to a more beautiful flawless you!