Silica Powder No Nos!

If the rest of you are makeup junkies like myself, you probably own Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder. The girls at Sephora were probably the ones who convinced you to purchase. Promising it softens imperfections and mattifies your skin without changing the skins natural tone. Truth be told it actually does all these things. It does slightly even out the skin and takes away the shine and looks positively beautiful in natural light or on film. As long as..... THERE'S NO FLASH!

Yes, again, I'm making a post about make up mistakes with flash photography. Some people are stunning in real life but don't come across as beautiful on film. Why not help you try to look even better in areas that you struggle? I myself am one of the least photogenic people EVER so I understand the frustration of bad pics.

Make Up For Ever is my staple for weddings, portraits, and film. Their products are hands down the best. From a line of completely waterproof make up to their HD foundation that looks airbrushed they rule the make up world! However, their silica based Microfinish powder has its flaws. If you use it with flash photography you will look like Lindsey Lohan after a night of partying. Sniff Sniff. If you catch my drift.

Need I say more? You cannot wear silica based powder when being photographed! Because you look like a cocaine fiend! End of story.