Clean Yo Brushes People!

How do you feel about bacteria and dirt that has built up over weeks, months, or god forbid years, being rubbed all over your pretty peepers and silky skin? Icky icky gross right? Well if you don't clean your makeup brushes on a weekly basis, you're doing just that. Rubbing disgusting bacteria that's built up over time, and multiplied, all over your face! Why would you do such a thing! You spend your time cleaning your face every day and night, but you're actually throwing bacteria all over your face, basically asking for zits! Most people assume if you're not a makeup artist you don't need to bother cleaning your brushes. Well that's just stupid. You should be cleaning your makeup brushes at least; AT LEAST!!!! once per week.

There are a lot of products on the market aimed at cleaning your brushes, sanitizing your brushes, or conditioning your brushes. If you have the cash flow to buy these pricey products, then i recommend purchasing a brush cleaner. Not only will it rid your brushes of the crud, but it will prolong their life. However, if you re like me, and you would rather save your cash for some new eye shadow, then opt for these wallet friendly ways of cleaning your brushes.

The sure fire way to make sure your makeup brushes are squeaky clean is to lather them up with some basic antibacterial hand soap. Just wash them like you would your hair, soak them in cool water, squirt some soap and lather up. Make sure not to rub against the grain or you will ruin your brushes. Gently rub in a downward motion from the base to the tip. Never backwards. Rinse and repeat, until clean. You will be amazed at how much makeup comes out from only a couple days use! When your done gently squeeze out the remaining water and place on a towel to dry. You can also use dish soap however I find that it can be drying and too abrasive for your sensitive brushes. Make sure you use this method at night and allow at least 10 hours for drying, or you'll be using wet brushes in the morning and that is not going to be pretty when applying your makeup.

My favourite method, which I use when doing more then one persons makeup in a short period of time, is a makeup artist's best friend, alcohol. Use the highest proof you can get your hands on at your local drugstore (usually retails around 1.99.) Pour some in a cup, then swish your brush around until the makeup is gone. Your brushes are clean and sanitized! The reason I use alcohol is because its super fast drying, after you swish, you leave your brushes to dry and it's literally dry in 2 minutes. There is no time to clean in between clients, and no one wants a brush on their face that's been used on someone else. So this is a sure fire way to ensure that everyone is being made up with clean, sanitized, bacteria free brushes! (if you use this method make sure to condition your brushes with a brush conditioner one a week because the alcohol is extremely drying!)