Guide to Buying Cheap Louboutins Online: Fake Vs. Authentic

Its happened to the best of us, including myself. Were searching eBay, looking for the best bargain, and we stumble across our hearts desire. A Beautiful, fresh, new pair of Christian Louboutin's, for half the price. How can this be! The seller states in the ad "pregnant so cant fit into my old shoes, take advantage of my misfortune." No pregnant woman would lie right!? Its not like they're so cheap its not believable? So you do it, you take the plunge, and plunk down your hard earned cash on your dream shoe, that normally would be out of reach, only to be left heartbroken.

Maybe the shoe is covered with glue coming out the soles, maybe the stitching is thick and loose, maybe the cheap leather smells terrible and strong. Or, maybe, they look beautiful, but when you're walking through Barney's the sales girl asks if you know they're fake. Worst. Nightmare. How did she know and you didn't? Or maybe there's that girl on instagram who takes photos of all her CLs and your instinct is that they're fake, but how can you know for sure!Well friends, its a lot easier to tell then you think.

There are the basic points; stitching, quality of leather, scent, and craftsmenship. Its easy to tell a fake pair of shoes if you're only looking for these items. Most replica CLs out there fall into these catagories. They smell so strong and terrible you cant be around them without getting a headache The stitching is obvious of a cheaper pair of shoes, thick, spaced out, crooked. The leather is stretched, wrinkled, dull. But what about the sole? Its red right? Its smooth, its shiny? So what?

Some fake CLs pass every test to the untrained eye. The leather looks great, the stitching, the smell. So how do you know? It all comes down to the sole. The red sole on an authentic Christian Louboutin is made of leather, nothing else. It is super shiny, almost patent. Its red is extremely vibrant and rich. And because the sole is leather it is not completely smooth, where the shoe arches there are small, tiny wrinkles or ripples. A fake CL has none of this. And never will, because its too expensive to produce. The fake Louboutins look exactly like your average shoe sole, except red. Its a plastic-y, rubbery sole, so it doesn't have the same shine and glossiness to it. Its smooth and dull. No ripples, no wrinkles, clearly not made of leather. The red is almost a rosey or orangey shade of deep red instead of a vivid bright shade.

       Authentic Christian Louboutin sole, you can see the ripples at the heel.

Counterfeit  Christian Louboutin, this sole still has the stickers on the bottom so ignore those and focus on the sole itself. Smooth, plastic-y, looks glued on, an orangey shade of red instead of the bright vivid shade.

There are also things that tip you off, such as the box and the dust bag. An authentic pair of CLs also include heel taps in their own tiny dust bag. After the shoes have been worn the worn down soles are also a dead give away. These things are huge tip offs, but they're not as important as the shoes themselves, so I wont waste your time writing about such. If you need more info let me know and ill include these bonuses in another post. However, I hope the info I've given you helps! Feel confident to buy on ebay following these guidelines, just remember some people will take photos of an authentic pair and then ship you a fake pair. So buyer beware, there are always chances you will get screwed. If this happens, contact the buyer repeatedly until you get your money back, if they don't oblige, open a case with eBay. They are reliable and will get you your cash back. Happy shopping!