10 Wardrobe Essentials: What Every Woman MUST Have

I don't know about you, but I tend to spend more time buying clothes than I do actually wearing them. I'm a homebody, and when I'm around the house I pretty much only rock sweats, PJ's, or my husbands over sized clothing looking moderately gangster. When I'm out and about, however, I want to look my best; sharp, chic, and on trend. Sometimes to do this, it may cost a pretty penny, but if you're buying the right items, you'll find yourself saving in the long run and being able to get years of wear out of your garments. Here are a few staple items that every woman must have in her closet, no matter what your style. These items can ALL be mixed and matched to dress up or down. You can achieve countless looks by mixing with different accessories, and more affordable trendier items for a constant up to date look throughout the years. Oh, and don't worry about splurging on these items, you'll wear them forever, so you want them to be quality and beautiful! Click on the photo below for my favourite pieces!

 10 Wardrobe Essenials

A Black Blazer: A black blazer can be worn any season, at any time. Whether worn with a wedge shoe and cut off shorts, or a cute dress for a dinner with your date, you'll find this item a never fail. You don't even have to consider whether it will work or not, 99% of the time it will. I know the Viktor & Rolf option I chose is ridiculous and in no ones budget, but isn't it beautiful!

Black Leggings: My hands down, favourite item on the list. If it wasn't for my super shedding dog, I would be wearing these around the house all day as well. You can pair these bad boys with an over sized sweater, under dresses for extra coverage and warmth, with a trendy top for a night out, or of course with a basic T and jacket when running errands. Look for a pair that is durable and thick. Check the stress areas like the knees and bum in the changing room to make sure they don't suddenly become sheer when you bend. You want them to be FULL coverage. Forever 21 actually makes an amazing pair for 8 bucks that is super thick and resistant. I've had the same pair for years. The ones shown are from my FAVOURITE brand Vince. These retail for $205.

Nude or Black Basic Pumps: Does this even need explaining? Perfect for the office, a date, a wedding, lunch, dinner, blablabla. Put a pair, or two, of these in your closet and you wont regret it. My go to is the Cornielle by Christian Louboutin, for its basic leather and seemingly basic design, but with an asymmetrical edge at closer inspection. A cheaper but still luxurious alternative are these KORS by Michael Kors pointed toe heels. If opting for a nude pair, chose a shade that matches your skin tone the best.

Dark Denim Jeans: You may not be able to wear them to work or to a black tie event, but you can wear a great pair of jeans dressed up or down. Whether you're wearing a sparkly gold blouse for a night out dancing, or a basic white tank, dark denim is a no brainer. I prefer a skinny jean, but chose a fit that flatters your body the best. When it comes to a quality, luxury pair of denim, skip the rips or fancy details, purchase a pair that is basic and will be on trend for years to come.

The Perfect Leather Jacket: Whether your leather jacket is a rock n roll' edgy design or a classic leather blazer, you can rock either no matter what your personality. You can play down an edgier design with feminine pieces like a soft rose coloured blouse, or play up a basic leather blazer with ripped boyfriend jeans. Any leather jacket can be made rock n roll, or demure depending on your mood. Be creative! Look for a design without a lot of crazy detail like giant shoulder pads or spikes and studs. Leave the crazier designs for a faux leather material and opt for real leather when you find the perfect coat of your dreams! You can't go wrong with the design I chose from All Saints.

A Basic White Blouse: Is there anything more stunning than a white blouse worn perfectly? Didn't think so. Wear a white blouse with a pencil skirt to the office, switch in to jeans at closing time, and you're reading for a night out! The possibilities are endless. With the switch of a few accessories you can wear the same blouse twice a week with no one noticing. I love Alice + Olivia's take on this classic piece.

Ballet Flats: Classy, and chic, but just as comfy as sneakers, you can wear flats for any occasion. Whether it be a job interview, a date, or at the mall, you'' find yourself in your favourite pair more often then not. Opt for a pair that is basic in colour, so it matches everything, but look for ones with some detailing for an extra polished look. Think about an extra pair in leopard print as well, easily plays up an otherwise basic look.

A Black Cardigan: The most timeless item on the list. Can you even think of a period of time when this item wasn't on trend? Or when wearing one wouldn't be appropriate? Exactly. Bring as a cover up for a  night out, or wear with a pair of jeans for a polished but comfy look. Can be worn edgy or prep, your choice! My favourite cardigan at the moment is by Tory Burch.

Little Black Dress: There's nothing more satisfying then finding the perfect LBD. If its last minute and you don't know what to wear, the little black dress is it. Or when you do know what to wear! Don't be afraid of a little detail, lace or leather trim is only going to add to your look, creating a more polished thought out style.

Aviators: Tom Cruise wore them in Top Gun in the 80's and we haven't strayed since. Do we really need to ever? Obviously the perfect choice is Ray-Ban.

There are tons of other wardrobe staples that most people find necessary like a good boot, or handbag, but we'll save that for another day. These are the top 10, or consider it a... part 1.