7 Mistakes Youre Making With Foundation: A Rebuttle.

So I was browsing Pinterest today and found this article, "7 Mistakes You're Making With Foundation"
Turns out a lot of my friends have seen it, or pinned it, so you probably have too. When reading this article I was so turned off, and completely disagreed with almost everything they were saying! It was sad because I've read this website before and found it to be very informative and great! But this article felt like they were making up mistakes for the sake of the article, and telling the reader how wrong they were if they used, or applied foundation in a different way. I just want to let my readers know that there is NO WRONG WAY TO APPLY MAKEUP! There are obviously terrible makeup looks, or people who are bad at applying it, where it is obvious to the eye, but if you're makeup looks great and you apply it in a crazy off beat way, then all the power to you! Make up is very individual and there is no wrong way to do it as long as you feel comfortable and happy with your appearance.

So what I'm going to do here is list THEIR 7 rules to foundation and underneath I will give my personal opinion about how wrong THEY are, or if I actually agree. These rules were all pulled from the article with my personal thoughts below the "rule." I don't mean to be negative or rude in any way, as lots of makeup artists have different opinions and ways of working. I just found this article was giving the complete wrong idea to women and needed to be cleared up!

1. You're Using Powder Foundation

This is a mistake I actually agree with. I love the way Bare Minerals adds a glow to my skin but it really makes the lines under my eyes stand out by getting stuck in the cracks. I'm only 26 so I can only imagine how it emphasizes the fine lines of a middle aged beauty! Not to mention it is not the best to breathe in these powders all the time, as they are made from the same minerals found in mines that have been known to cause breathing problems for the miners working in them. Just something I saw on Dr Oz, so please don't take my word for it, I'm defiantly not a health expert!

2. To Find Your Shade Test Your Foundation On Your Jawline

No no no. Your foundation should match your chest. Because we wash our face twice a day (or we should) or skin cells shed at a much faster rate leaving our faces a shade or two lighter then the skin on our chest which often sees the sun. I know it feels odd to apply a shade of foundation that does not match your IDENTICAL face colour, but it will look so much more natural when it matches the rest of your body. Just make sure you blend your foundation in well, and always blend into the neck area.

This is the photo they used to tell you to use your jawline to find your perfect foundation colour. If Miss Emily Blunt actually used this "rule" she'd probably still be a shade lighter in her face, as seen in the picture. If she chose to match her chest, she would have a flawless finish and match her body perfectly hiding the fact she is even wearing foundation!

3. You're Not Using Primer Under Your Foundation

This is really just personal preference. A lot of makeup artists just use a great moisturizer to prep and prime the skin. And if you're using a BB cream you don't need a primer as they are usually built in. I for one don't necessary disagree with this as I often use a primer, but I don't totally agree that you need one all the time. The choice is yours.

4. You Apply Your Foundation With Your Fingers or a Sponge

The main point they use in this "rule" is that foundation brushes use less product. Are. You. Kidding. Me?! Use your fingers to apply foundation and wash your hands with a bit of soap and water, there is hardly any colour rinsing off your fingers. The product you applied to your face with your hands is just there, on your face. The skin on your fingers doesnt absorb the product. Then apply your foundation with a brush, and wash it the same way after, there will be SO MUCH COLOUR coming out that you feel you have to wash your brush again! If you want to use your fingers, USE YOUR FINGERS! I do it all the time on myself, its easy to blend, its easy to get everywhere you want, and who really cares. If you're doing someone else's makeup, then by all means, please use a brush or sponge, nothing grosser then someone else's hands all over your face, or rubbing YOUR hands over someone else's face. Bleh.

I use brushes, I use fingers, I use a sponge. Personally I love the way a damp sponge applies foundation. Sponges do use more product then a brush does, but when you dampen it you don't need to use as much product, and the colour applies super sheer and natural! Please Don't use the brush they recommend either. Its by the company EcoTools, and I own it. Its crap. And Im not exactly a brush snob.

5. You're Applying Foundation All Over Your Face

You're damn right I do!!! In this "rule" they tell you to spot treat with foundation covering up any imperfections, but not to apply to your whole face. Isn't that what concealer is for? Foundation is to completely even out your skin tone, and in my opinion match your face to to the rest of your body. If you follow my advice in rule #2 then this would look just silly if you spot treat. You'd have darker patches everywhere. And if you match your foundation to your face and not your chest and spot treat, your face would be lighter then the rest of you looking equally as silly. Foundation not only evens skin tone, but if you have different textures of skin on your face it evens this out leaving a matching finish. Foundation SHOULD be used all over your face, if you only have a couple areas you want to conceal and are happy with the rest of your complexion then theres this amazing new invention called CONCEALER. Oh, wait, thats not new? Well then.

6. You Put Your Concealer on Under, Not Over, Your Foundation

Why would you need concealer in the first place if you spot treat with your foundation? Point proven. I actually do agree with this rule tho. If you're using concealer in conjunction with foundation then you need to apply it after. If you apply it before hand it will just be erased by the brush or your fingers when applying foundation afterwards. You can always use a colour neutralizer for red areas before foundation but save the foundation for afterwards.

7. You're Setting Your Foundation with a Tinted Powder and a Big Fluffy Brush.

I agree and disagree with this. If you like using a fluffy brush for powder then all the power to you, but I find a powder puff works much better. By blotting your powder into your skin instead of swiping it with a brush, you're not brushing away any foundation or concealer and are setting your foundation much better, allowing it to last a longer period of time. This also works great at concealing large pores!

However I completely disagree with the tinted powder story. I use transparent powder like Make Up Forever but I also use tinted powder, its really up to you. The thing with transparent silica powder is it IS NOT UNIVERSAL! If you are a woman of colour it will not work for you. It can leave an ashy appearance to your skin, where as if you use a tinted powder to match your skin, you're left with a warm glowing natural shade. Check out this picture of Lark Voohries from Saved By The Bell. This is what a transparent powder can do to a woman of colour. Notice how ashy and gray the skin on her face looks?

So that's my rant my lovelys. I hope you didn't find it too negative, I just don't want any of you to think you're doing something wrong when you are not! I find the website that this article came from to usually be great! I just think they made a mistake this time. As always, hope this helps, and if you have any questions give me a shout!