How To: Keep Glitter Eyeshadow on Your Lids

Since its the holiday season, and we all have a ton of holiday parties to attend, I figured a glitter eyeshadow tip would come in handy for most of you. I can't tell you how long I've been struggling with glitter flakes in my eyeshadow falling down my face almost immediately and ruining my whole look. My favourite eyeshadows are Urban Decay and about half of them hold glitter flakes, I was about ready to chuck them out!

It was only recently that I tried this little trick. Primer wasn't sticky enough, and I wasn't about to go buy a $30 tube of glitter glue from Sephora. So i used what I had on hand that was sticky... MAC clear lip glass. I first evened out my skin on my eyelid with my foundation then applied a THIN, key word, THIN, layer of MAC lip glass with a Q-Tip. I then used a sponge tip shadow applicator, because I didn't want to ruin any of my brushes, and applied the shadow by patting it onto the lip gloss coated eyelid. If you smear instead of pat it will smudge the lip gloss and you'll come out a hot mess! Needless to say this worked! It lasted all night long!

Now applying lip gloss to your eye lid is less then desirable so there is another trick. Instead of purchasing a $30 tube (tiny tube) of glitter glue from Sephora. Head over to Fyrinnae and grab yourself their Pixie Epoxy primer. It works like a dream, and is only $7!!

Hope this helps y'all achieve the glamorous holiday look of your desire!