Pregnancy Update: 6 Months

If you're a friend or family member from back home, you probably already know that I am pregnant with a baby girl due in April. If you're new to my blog you might not have been aware. So since Im hitting the final stretch, I decided to do updates on my pregnancy and fill you in on things that I have found helpful in coping with this life, and body changing experience.

First off, I must apologize to a lot of ladies out there, because the first 6 months of my pregnancy have been an absolute breeze. I had zero morning sickness, no mood swings, (unless Brandon's lying) and little discomfort. The only issue during the first trimester was lack of appetite. I actually lost 15 lbs in the first 2 months because I just couldnt eat. My favourite foods were now a complete turn off (and most still are) and all I wanted to eat was fruit and vegetables. Aside from the weight issue, I was also extremely exhausted, all the time. I could barely get off the couch and get out of bed in the morning. They say the first trimester is the worst, the second is a breeze, and the third is back to being brutal. So far, both trimesters were no different. The only thing being, that I am now able to eat, and have gained all my weight bac,k and am back on the right track. Depending on which calendar you use, I am or I'm almost, in my third trimester, and admitting how easy this pregnancy has been so far will probably be my undoing. Watch the next few months be a nightmare.

At 18 weeks I could feel my little girl kick lightly from the inside. The first time I noticed it, i was laying on the couch, and my bully Frankie was taking a nap with his head on my belly. I suddenly felt a poke, and then another. Not knowing if it was baby or Frankie, I lifted his head in my hand, and waited to see if I felt something again. And I did! It was such a strange and thrilling experience! Some people describe it as butterflies, but mine felt nothing like butterflies. It felt like bubbles popping, or tiny flicks from the inside. A few days later I was laying in the dentist chair, with my hands on my belly, and suddenly my hands bounced up! Are you serious? I went from feeling it on the inside, to seeing, and feeling it on the outside, in less than a week? Bingo. Now, at just over 6 months, I can feel her completely turning, and rolling, and kicking, and pushing; everything. I can see it all happen from the outside, and even feel when she's ABOUT to move, which is hard to explain. I love when she's leaning right against my belly and you can feel the hardness, and see a little lump where she lies, because Brandon doesn't have to wait for a kick. He knows where she is and can feel her immediatly. The men sure do miss out on a lot. I think they should be jealous that they don't get a little person living inside them!

*Frankie on my belly

Now that baby is so prominent, and I can see and feel her so well, it makes sleep an issue. I'm a tummy sleeper, and cant get comfortable any other way. I was able to sleep on my tummy until a couple weeks ago. (its safe, I asked my doctor) but now I can actually feel her body even when Im slightly on my side and slightly on my tummy. Its crazy, and makes me nervous, so I sleep directly on my side which kills my back, and is extremely uncomfortable. To make things easier, I invested in a body pillow that goes under my head, down my body, and between my legs. Its a lot thicker and fuller than my regular pillow so it takes some getting used to. But its worth it, since I wrap my arms and legs around it and can get the feeling of sleeping on my tummy without actually doing it. When Im having an especially difficult time going to sleep, Ill pop a Benadryl (also doctor approved) because I naturally have a difficult time falling to sleep at night.  Other than that small complaint, things are perfect! We're starting to get our baby collection of items together, some are back home in Canada in our completed nursery, and some are here in the US where baby wont spend much time before its time to head back home for the off season. But, i'll leave that for another post.

I hope this gave you guys a nice insight as to what is going on so far with me and baby, as its hard to keep family and friends updated from the opposite coast. Im so excited to fill you in more and more as Brandon and I continue this journey and hope you all enjoy hearing about our adventure. He is absolutely in love with her already, he kisses my belly for luck before every game, and kisses her goodbye before he leaves, and goodnight before he goes to sleep. He is going to be an amazing Daddy! The first thing he said when he found out it was a little Se-GAL (my father in law's pun, cant take credit for that one) was how excited he was, because now he can walk his little girl down the isle one day. HOW SWEET!!! Anyways Im rambling. So Ill just leave you with my belly shot from New Years Eve. Im still the same size.. I think. We have been really bad at belly shots.