How To: Stretch Leather Shoes at Home

We've all been there, the perfect pair of shoes that you just NEED, but they're half a size too small. "Do these stretch with wear?" we trustingly ask the commission based saleswoman, "of course they do!" she responds. Liar. I recently bought a beautiful pair of Jimmy Choo patent leather flats for my swollen mama feet, and they are getting tighter and tighter the closer I get to my due date. Im not too concerned though, because I learned this trick last year with another pair of shoes, and it works like a charm!

What you will need: Two large ziplock bags, water, shoes, and a freezer.

Step 1: Fill the ziplock bags with a few cups of water and seal. Make sure the bags are completely sealed or this will lead to disaster!

Step 2: Place the bags, filled with water, into your shoes, make sure theres not too much, or too little water, and that the inside of the shoe is filled to capacity.

Step 3: Place your shoes in the freezer overnight.

Step 4: Take your shoes out of the freezer, and let the ice thaw enough so that you are able to remove the thawed bags.

Step 5: While still cold, put the shoes on and let them warm and mould into your feet. This will probably take half an hour to an hour.

Presto! Stretched out shoes! When the water slowly freezes in the freezer, it slowly expands and stretches your shoes. So easy, right? Give it a try and let me know how this worked for you! Happy stretching friends!