Pregnancy Skin Saver!

So to start things off, I just want to apologize for not posting as often as I should be! I'm 30 weeks and its really getting to me. Swollen, stretched, and tired, its hard to get the stamina to do anything around the house, let alone get around to blogging. Therefor, this post relates to a problem most pregnant women, like myself, experience. Horrible skin!

I've never had great skin, from a distance it looks clear, but up close, its not. I have a very even tone to my skin, however, I suffer from these white, under the skin, bumps that never go away. The doctors don't really tell me anything besides its not acne. To combat these bumps, Ive always used Retin-A-Micro, which has worked wonders. Sadly, pregger women aren't allowed to use any retinoid treatment during pregnancy. Besides retinoids, we're also not allowed to use Salicylic Acid, or Benzoyl Peroxide. So what exactly are we supposed to use? Sulfur!

I had no idea about sulfur until my friend Kirsten told me about a great product she uses that she thought I should recommend on my blog. Kirsten isn't pregnant, shes just a normal girl who suffers from occasional breakouts. Well, she was ranting and raving about this clarifying mask that completely cleared her skin up when she had breakouts, and her normal products just weren't cutting it. I guess you could say this was her miracle mask. When i googled the product I found that its active ingredient was sulfur. Never really having to research ingredients before, I contacted my OBGYN about it, and she said that sulfur is actually recommended to pregnant women dealing with acne. Ahem? So this is a miracle product for non pregnant women, and is actually safe for us breeders?! NO WAY!

So without further adieu, I introduce to you, Murad Clarifying Mask. Its $37 from Sephora, but is available from multiple retailers. I purchased this bad boy last week and it has completely cleared up the mess that surrounded my chin. I am hooked. I cant believe it took me so long to find this product, and I am so happy to pass this information to my other pregnant, and non pregnant friends! If anythings worth a splurge, this would definitely be it. It can be used weekly as an all over mask, or as a spot treatment. If used as a spot treatment, this product lasts forever. Check it out, and let me know what you think! Maybe purchase it as a baby shower gift for an expectant friend :)

*Check with your doctor before using any new product during pregnancy.