Pregnancy Update: 34 Weeks

Well its almost that time, baby will be considered full term in 3 weeks! Cant believe how fast time flies. It feels like yesterday I was peeing on the stick! My last update post was at 6 months and I was raving about how easy this pregnancy has been, but boy things change. I do count my blessings because in comparison to a lot of women my pregnancy has been a breeze, but the last 2 months or so have been harder then the previous. To start, I have been having crazy bad nausea every single day that starts around 1 o'clock in the afternoon. Its so bad I cant move off my lazyboy for hours. I down a bottle of Emitrol weekly to try and ease the sickness, but it doesn't do much. Sleeping has been an absolute nightmare as well. I'm naturally a bad sleeper, it takes me hours sometimes to get to sleep when not pregnant, so throw a 5 lb baby hanging out in my belly and its not easy! Every time I try to reposition myself I have to get up to pee. Seriously, I got out of bed 4 times in 40 minutes last night. To add on to not sleeping, every morning at 7 I wake up starving and have to get a snack, which leaves me wide awake again! Another thing that has not been fun that I was not prepared for was the cramping. No not in my belly, but in my fingers! I was expecting the swollen feet, ankles, and knees, but fingers?! Apparently its completely normal, but I wake up in the morning barely being able to bend my fingers, and have to physically massage and bend them with my other hand to be able to get some relief. Ive had the other abdominal and pelvic cramping and pains but that was expected.

In funner, more exciting news, we went for our last ultrasound two weeks ago and baby is big! In fact shes in the 73rd percentile! For those who don't understand what that means, 72 out of 100 babies at her age are smaller than her. Go figure! Its funny, and thrilling, because all I get from people is how skinny I am and how I should be eating more blablabla, but shes a big plump girl! Her cheeks on the ultrasound were insane! So chubby! She obviously gets that from her daddy. She also has a lot of hair! Which she gets from me, which is odd. I was born with a full head of hair, but Ive always had very thin and fine hair. While daddy was born with almost no hair, he has a crazy thick mop now! Hopefully she isn't cursed with my thin hair when she grows up!

Other then that, there's not much more to report. We've gone to child care class and have our last birthing class tonight. Three hours long! Yikes. Brandon was a ham at the child care class, he loved pretending to give the baby baths and learn how to swaddle. So cute! Were both super excited for baby to come, we want her to stay in as long as possible so shes healthy, but I want her out now! Her kicks are so hard that I feel like shes getting crammed in there! Hopefully she comes at 39 weeks, which means shell be fully developed, and will just in time for the end of the season so all the boys and girls here get to meet her! Fingers crossed. Can't wait to meet my little girl!