Quick & Easy Buffalo Chicken Sliders

Being pregnant I eat like a monster. What I want, when I want it. I know I've stayed thin looking throughout my pregnancy, and I think its because I don't usually eat huge meals. I mostly eat small portions every hour, so instead of going from empty to a full tank and then feeling like a stuffed pig, I stay sustained most of the day. I try to eat healthy, but its really hard when you're craving so many different things! This recipe is one of my favourites. Its great for new moms, or lazy pregnant women, who don't have the time to cook. Although, it is extremely spicy, so if you're breastfeeding and baby doesn't respond well to your milk after you eat spicy foods, or you get extreme heartburn during pregnancy, I don't recommend this. But if you can handle it, its sooooo delicious and easy! I don't know the calorie or fat intake here, but I'm sure its not on any weight watchers meal list! My friend Kelly told me roughly how to do it, and I don't know where she got it from, so I'll share my take on it!

Buffalo Chicken Sliders

4-6 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
1 Bottle of Franks Buffalo Sauce
1 Packet of Ranch Dressing
1 Bottle of Ranch Dressing or Light Mayo
1 Cucumber
Pack of Whole Wheat Rolls
Crock Pot

So judging by the easy and basic ingredients, most of you already know what to do. 

1. Place chicken breasts in your crock pot and sprinkle the ranch packet over top.

2. Empty the about half the bottle of Frank's on top of the chicken. 

3. Set crock pot on low and let cook for 5 hours. At 5 hours take two forks and shred the chicken. Allow the chicken to cook on low for another hour.

4. In the meantime, slice up the cucumber.

5. Toast the whole wheat rolls in the oven and top with either Ranch Dressing or Mayo, your choice. 

6. Add the shredded chicken and layer the cucumber slices on top.

7. Devour!!!

Thats it! How easy! And sooooo delicious. They are seriously spicy but the ranch or mayo added with the coolness of the cucumber really compliment the spice and bring it down to an enjoyable level. My husband absolutely loved these and Im sure anyone you serve them for will praise you! 

*I never took a picture of my sandwiches so I took this photo off a google images search!