For the Mommy On the Go

This post is for the travelling new mom, or the athletes wife. For all the hockey wives out there who gave birth at the end of the season, I'm sure you feel my pain at the stress of no, or almost no, nursery. For those of you who aren't familiar with my lifestyle, my husband is a professional hockey player. We own a home in Vancouver, BC that we live at during the off season, but during the season, we live in whichever city he happens to be playing for. Right now, that city is Hartford, Connecticut. The season ended this year on April 21st, and my due date is April 30th. Talk about bad planning. I cant travel home to Canada to have the baby near the family, and we have to stay in Hartford longer than the season, without our friends and teammates, because we don't want to fly with a newborn because of the circulated air, and we don't want to drive home across the country, 49 hours, before she is a month old.

Because of this, we set up a nursery back home. All nicely painted, all new furniture, and all set up for our little bundle. But because we are leaving Hartford for home, a month after she's born, she doesn't get to have a crib, changing table, glider, or any of the obvious nursery items. What would be the point of purchasing all those items only to have them at the risk of shady moving companies putting our items in storage after only a couple weeks of use? To save us the time and money, we purchased a pack n' play, and some add ons. Let me tell you, its been a life saver. 

Im all about saving money, and using all the items we purchase for our next child, so the pack n' play had to be neutral colours, and this one is taupe which is beautiful. It doesn't scream baby, which I love, and it easily blends in with our decor at either home. Besides from the beautiful exterior, its super equipped. It comes with a newborn napper, which she can take naps in under supervision. The napper also vibrates, plays songs, and has nature sounds to go along with it. Next to the napper theres a durable changing table that is easily wiped down after any messes. Both items are completely detachable for bedtime, where Annie sleeps in the bassinet portion of the unit. Graco, the maker of the pack n' play, also makes sheets that fit only this item, which is amazing, since crib sheets are WAY too big. The changing table can also be reconnected with one hand for late night changes. Perfect! The bassinet also vibrates and plays songs aswell so its great for soothing her to sleep. And when she gets older you can remove the bassinet and it becomes a regular play pen. The unit it also SO easy to fold up. Theres buttons on the side that you push in and boom, its all set to go in its carrying case. Great for when we drive back home, and great for trips to her Grandparents homes in the summer!

Now for my own little twerks I added, for a make shift nursery. I didn't want to buy a changing table, but I have no where to put her diapers, wipes, ointment etc, so I purchased one of these organizers from Target. The problem was it only attaches to walls, wood, or you can loop the attachment through a rail on the side of the changing table. Great. I dont have any of those options. Good thing I had my genius friend Jess in town to help a sista out! The pack n' play is made from metal poles, so we took a box cutter and sliced some slits into the fabric of unit, just under the poles, and looped the organizers attachments through. We took some super glue and added it to the fabric where we added the slits, so that it wouldnt fray and ruin the fabric. It worked out amazing! As you can see from the photo, it holds all of her diapers, bibs, ointments, wipes, some onesies, burp clothes, soothers, etc etc etc. The best park is the organizer itself is made of cloth so it easily packs up into the pack n' play's carrying case for longer trips in the future. Seriously, such a lifesaver. I have everything I need for caring for a newborn baby in this one unit. Mind. Blown. 

If you know me, you know that I am fond of coupons and saving money. This pack n play only cost 169.99 and the organizer was 19.99 both from Target. I had an addition 20% off coupon so I paid even less than that! How can you compare that to spending roughly $600-1000 on all new furniture that we could only use for a couple weeks? You can't!