How to Match Eyebrow Colour to Your Hair Colour

If you're like my friend Amanda, you change your hair colour with the seasons. Brunette in the winter, blonde in the summer, and maybe even try your hand at a rich red. The problem that most women find with this, isnt that their hair gets damaged, but that they are having trouble matching their brow colour to their hair.

First off, its my OPINION that eyebrow colour should be a shade darker than your hair colour. I know a lot of people disagree but this is just what I think its more attractive. I love a strong brow honey! If you have naturally blonde eyebrows or light brows, you are saved, all you have to do is go to a salon and get your brows tinted to your liking. My friend Yo does this and her brows always look like a million bucks after! But if you are like me and Amanda, you have naturally dark brows and if you dye your hair platinum you might have a problem. I for one, think dark eyebrows with blonde hair can be extremely attractive. And I think lightening your brows can look way too harsh, see the Cameron Diaz photo. But if the look of darker brows just isnt working for you, you have these options.



1. Use a pencil to draw natural hairs on your brows in the desired shade level you would like. This is the most basic, no fuss option, but only works for women with sparse brows with room to draw the hairs. If you decide this works for you, lightly draw natural looking hairs into your brows in the desired shape you are looking for. Not every hair on your body is going to be exactly the same so this kind of creates highlights in your brows. No one will be able to notice unless they are specifically staring at your brows up close, that there are lighter shades mixed with your natural dark hairs. A great brow pencil is one from Anastasia which has a grooming brush at the opposite end. You can purchase one at Sephora HERE
2. If you're looking for another option, or your eyebrows are thicker and the last option really doesnt work, then you can use a tinted brow gel. One that works amazing at actually colouring the hairs of your brows is Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel, which can be found at Sephora, HERE. Pick the shade of your choice and brush into your brows, if you require more definition, use your brow pencil to shade in any sparse areas in your desired shape.

3. Another option you have is using clear brow gel which can be purchased relativly cheap. I.e. NYX Brow Gel for $8.79 which will last forever, and can be purchased HERE at Ulta. Apply this first, and comb your brows using a brow brush, then apply a shadow overtop of the gel. The gel will absorb the powder of the shadow and lock in the colour to the strands of hair. The only problem with this option is that it doesnt have the same staying powder as the other options, and can smudge if you arent careful throughout the day. 

Try these options and let me know what you think!