After a Short Break

As some of you may have noticed, it has been four months since my last post. I think it goes without saying that being a new mom is hard work, which is why I had the break. Adjusting to being the whole world to one little person was overwhelming, but I wouldnt have changed any of it.

Aniston just turned four months on August 27th, and I cant believe how much she has grown! Shes gone from a little ball of flesh, to a curious, smiley, and definitly motivated little lady! She wants to look, touch, and eat everything she sees, and just started to roll over. Waking up to her beaming face is the most rewarding thing in the world. Brandon, and of course Frankie, have been quite the help. Frankie always helps putting her to bed, seriously he does, and with Brandon home in the summer months, I couldnt have had Ani at a better time. I couldnt imagine having her during the season and having to do all the late night feeds and diaper changes by myself!

Fo the first few months of her life, the world revolved around her and her schedule. But now that she has doubled her birth weight, and is officailly over four months of age, she is big enough to adapt to a new routine, and she has done so beautifully. With the help of the book "The Easy Sleep Solution" she has gone to bed at 630 every night and wakes up at 730-8am every morning. I keep her asleep by "dream feeding" her once a night. Which is getting her up at 4 am to feed her a bottle without waking her up, so she doesn't wake up screaming and hungry. Although she is probably big enough to be completely weaned off her bottle, and make it through a full night without a feed, I think Im going to wait until she's 6 months to do that. Her new schedule has now left me plenty of time to start blogging regularly again, which is why Im back! Thank god! Its great to have my nights back!

On a side note, for those of you who don't know, Brandon has signed with the Washington Capitals! We will either be in DC or Hershey, PA for the season, and we couldnt be more excited! Brandon is leaving this coming Monday, and Frankie, Ani, and I will be leaving in a few weeks when he is settled. The best part of this year is that we'll be flying! We usually drive, but with the little one, we decided its time to ship our truck. THANK GOD! No more 45 hour road trips! With that being said, Im looking forward to being back and hope you are too!

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