Naked 2 Palette: Everyday Eye

Due to popular demand, today Ive done a basic, everyday eye, using Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette. I usually don't use shimmer colours in the crease, but because I could only use the "Naked" palette, I bended my rules a bit. Since Brandon is in Hershey, and Im here with the baby, its impossible for me to make tutorial videos until Im in Hershey and have him watch the Aniston. So, for now, bare with the described tutorial.

1) apply an eyeshadow primer to the lid
2) apply foxy using a flat brush to the brown bone
3) using a fluffy blending brush apply tease to the upper crease area
4) with your crease brush apply snakebite directly into the crease
5) using a flat brush, pat bootycall onto the lid and into the inner corners of your eyes
6) with your crease brush, apply tease to the lower lids
7) Apply a thin line of eyeliner to the upper lid and finish with mascara

Thats it! Hope that wasnt too hard to grasp without seeing how it was done. Enjoy guys!

Update: Now with Video!! I had to remove the video from this page due to YouTube not counting the views here towards the videos total views. To view the video tutorial please click the below link!