Everyday Contouring Made Easy

Friends, I am soooo sorry for the rare posts! Ive decided to start doing a makeup only instagram, and more youtube videos, so finding time to blog swell is tres difficile! Ive decided to post on youtube every one or two weeks, and instagram multiple times a week, and then on here every so often. So please, if you would like more Lashes Love & Leather in your life, then by all means, follow me on instagram, @lashesloveandleather or @melraesegal and you will see me FAR more often! Now to the contouring rant..

It is my humble opinion that contouring and highlighting has gotten waaaay out of control. The trend was sparked by fabulous drag queens, and has since made its way to the mainstream makeup world. The problem with this trend, however, is its not intended for everyday wear. It is far too dramatic, and there is way too much of a contrast. The popular videos and tutorials you are all seeing, were meant for film, photography, and preforming, where the eye, and the camera, view the face much differently. There is a way to contour and highlight for everyday wear though.

Focus on the contour. When you contour your skin with a darker shade, you're automatically highlighting the other areas of your face. By adding an even lighter highlight, you are creating too much of a drastic change to the skin and face. After Ive contoured I always add a slight shimmer to the cheekbones, and nose, which will bring out these features without them looking ghostly, and or way too light. I do believe it is important to contour everyday, as it adds dimension to the face, but please, do so lightly, and with a powder. To watch how I contour everyday, check out my video on youtube! You can find it HERE.