Girlactik Matte Lip Paint Review

You know when an amazing product comes along and you just have to tell the world about it? This is that product. Girlactik is a slightly unknown brand, unless you frequent makeup shows or the world of instagram, you might not have heard of them. They carry an array of products, which are high end, and incredibly high quality. I have only tried the glitter eyeliner and the matte lip paint, but if the other products they make are of the same caliber of the ones I have tried, then they are winners as well! Now lets get to this fantastic product.

Matte lip colours are all the rage right now, from lipsticks to glosses, the beauty world cannot get enough. The standout product when it comes to a matte lip, is without a doubt the lip paint. There are many many different brands to chose from, but one a few stand apart. LimeCrime is one, and in my opinion Girlactik is the other. While I love the LimeCrime paints, the Girlactik ones stand out for another reason. Their shades. The LimeCrime shades are extremely bright and colourful, and if you're a more modest individual, these colours might not attract you. The girlactik lip paints are the opposite, they are subtle romantic shades, and are universally flattering.

The product comes in a tube, and applies like a gloss. The formula has a slightly oily texture when first applied to the lips, but dries to a fat, matte, finish. Which is beautiful. You can apply one layer for a more subtle look, or wait for the first coat to dry, and apply more coats, until you reach your desired opacity. The colours do not smudge or budge for HOURS. You can kiss, eat, and drink without worrying about your lip colour coming off. The shades that Ive tried are Starlet, and Allure. Starlet is the lightest, most pink shade they offer, and Allure is a neutral, almost brick, medium red. Both are absolutely beautiful. There are 2 other shades offered which are both as beautiful as these. Check out the swatches below, and then go buy yourself some at