Fresh Balayage

If you are a mom, or just generally busy, or just generally cheap, you are like me and don't get around to getting your hair done that often. I, for one, only get my hair done once a year. Yes thats right, once a year. But its fine, because of balayage hair painting, it grows out beautifully, without looking rooty. It doesn't work for everyone, for instance if you have dark hair and have super blonde highlights, then this won't work. But if you only go a few shades lighter with your highlights, then this could definitely work for you. Balayage is the art of hair painting. So instead of using foils using harsh streaky highlights in your hair, balayage is painted in exactly where the sun would hit your hair, leaving it looking naturally lightened, as a childs hair does when they spend the summer outside. 

I recommend going to a higher end stylist, or a colour specialist who is experienced in balayage. I went to one woman when I first wanted this look done, and she completely ruined my hair. I had grown my hair out for 6 months to create enough root to add natural looking ombre/balayage, and she used foils and gave me huge chunky 1990s streaks. Blah. Thank god for Karl Brown at Axis Salon in Downtown Vancouver, for saving my hair and giving me this gorgeous colour. Here are some shots of my latest doo. Ive also clipped in some My Fantasy Hair extensions for thickness. My shade is butterscotch but I custom coloured some roots on them to make them more natural. 

Head over to and use code MELISSA for some money off your purchase! Each purchase also comes with a case and hanger for your extensions.