Style Inspiration: Demi Lovato

I love Demi Lovato. Even tho she really ground my gears when she voted off that bullied girl in lasts seasons X Factor, she's still amazing. (I actually have boycotted the show because of it, Im a little nuts.) She has, without a doubt, one of the most powerful amazing voices of this generation. She can actually sing live and sound amazing! Who knew that still existed? But regardless of her talent, its her style that really blows me away. She's super unique and funky, and doesn't care what anyone thinks. From her ever changing hair colour, to her love of the colour black, she is my style queen. If I could raid anyones closet it would be hers! Heres some looks of hers that I pulled that I just LOVE, along with some samples of the clothes she wears, a long with some items I can totally see her rocking! Some items are a great price point, while others are a huge splurge, a la the Givenchy Antigona bag, which I need bad! The key to Demi's style is for sure a lot of accessorizing, with a lot of mixed media. Leather, sequin, denim, lace, you can't go wrong with any pairing. And you can't forget the studs! Lots, and LOTS of studs!

demi lovato style 2

Demi Lovato Style

Effortless Cool: The Graphic Sweatshirt

Graphic Sweatshirts

One of my favourite trends right now, is without a doubt, the graphic sweatshirt. Its such an easy way to look put together when you have zero energy to do so! They look fantastic with a pair of leggings, or even some skinny jeans. The possabilities are endless! The key is all in the layering. They can look terrific with just a white tank under to add some dynamic, or throw on a denim jacket for some extra pow! The best part is they are available in every price point. Here are two that Ive been rockin' lately. One was $32 and one was $160, can you spot the difference?

The top sweatshirt with the jewel collar is from Old Navy and the blue skull sweatshirt is from Zoe Karssen. My other favourite brand for graphic anything is Wildfox, its a slightly higher price point but the garments are such amazing quality that it is truely worth it, and if you search around a bit you will find amazing steals! Also give ASOS a go. They have Wildfox among other brands so there is something there for everyone!

Macy's, Saks & Tory Burch Coupon Codes

Hey friends! I don't know if you're as up to date on all the sales and coupon codes out there right now as I am, but there are some doozys! Its the season of the friends and family discount and you can save 25% at Macy's, Saks, & Tory Burch! How could you NOT indulge in all of this amazingness! its my birthday coming up in just over a week so the hubby let me splurge a bit since I haven't been able to shop in 9 months! Here are your codes for 25% off at these amazing stores, get those TB Reva flats you've always wanted for a fraction of the price!

Macy's - FRIEND
Tory Burch - TBSPRING
Saks - RMNFF for 25% and SFASHIP for free shipping

Here are the items that I picked up!

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