Holiday Decor 2013

As some of you may know, my husband and I are constantly relocating and living in a different rental apartment from the months of September through May. His job as a professional athlete allows us to have a home in the summertime which we own (we actually just sold it) and a rental throughout the year, which is hard to make feel like home.

This year, our apartment is large, the walls are white (thank god), and there is a fireplace. This makes it SO much easier to add a little homeyness to the space. This christmas I bought all new decor and am so happy with my purchases. I opted for a romantic, woodsy, cozy, cabin feel. With hints of taupe, grey, and cream. There is a lot of faux fur and glitter, to add a hint of glamour as well. Here are some shots from our new holiday set up. The prices range from the low to mid range price point. Everything was purchased at Pottery Barn andTarget!

This gorgeous sparkly tree is from Target and is solo beautiful. I want to keep it up all year! Get it here: Sparkly Tree at Target

These bad boys are also from Target, I was only going to buy one, but am so thankful that I opted for two! Here is a link for the Reindeer which aren't available online but there are tons of other options!

Again, this wreath is from Target! Seriously people, if you haven't decorated yet. Go to target and hook yourself up! This wreath is on sale actually! Flocked Wreathe on Sale!

Our gorgeous stockings are from Pottery Barn. They are last years design and are no longer available. These were purchased at the Outlet for 19.99 a pop. I originally was going to order the faux fur ones, but chose these instead. I think if I got fur they would have been total overkill! Loving these cable knit ones! Pottery Barn does have some great stockings tho, check them out!

Our tree is your basic run of the mill pre lit bad boy from Lowe's. Nothing special here!

This Gorgeous fur throw was purchased at Pottery Barn. I got it on sale at the outlet for $90 Whaaaat!?
The fur pillow is also from Pottery Barn. Here are some links if you're interested in purchasing.  Faux Fur Throw

This  cable knit pillow is from Target and is reversible with a faux fur fabric on the back! I got two, and I show one cable side and one fur side. I also have a smaller version in taupe. (as seen in the lower picture) Cable Knit Toss Pillows

The large candle here is your basic Bath and Body Works candle with a BBW holder as well. The cute little lantern is from IKEA and I have no idea where the Damask candle is from! But it is super sparkly and gorgeous!

Our coffee table is from Restoration Hardware and was around $700… NOT! This is such great steal that we found on craigslist! It was $150 for this table, a matching side table (see below) and a larger sofa table (not pictured) but it looks so shabby chic, straight out of a catalogue! 

Here is the side table I was raving about. Under it I have a basic wicker basket from IKEA that I keep all of Aniston's toys in. Out of sight out of mind! 

The two small sparkling pillows are from target as well. They look super expensive and well made in person. Not Target like at all! People will think they cost a fortune. Sparkly Glam Pillow

I couldn't get a good shot of our tree skirt but it is my favourite part of my collection. I never dreamed of finding such a perfect skirt for my decor scheme! Its a burlap-esque fabric with woven in sparkles, and a taupe/lilac trim. Swoon! And guess where its from… Target! Threshold Tree Skirt

That's all for my decor. I didn't show my dining table because it is less than stellar! I just have a basic vase that I will eventually fill with some glittery, gold and silver poinsettia's. Along with with some silver, chunky, candle holders. I have a village up also, but who doesn't? How did you guys decorate your homes this year? If you haven't gotten around to it yet, seriously head to Target! This sounds like a sponsored post, but its not. I just love Target THAT MUCH!