Jamberry Nail Wraps Review

As a mom it is really hard to find time to do your nails. Its not the actual "doing" of the nails that is the problem. Its the drying time. Even when they're dry they're never really dry. They'll smudge and budge and look off if you so much as brush up against your pant leg too aggressively. This is a huge problem when its 9pm, you think you are in the clear, start doing your nails, and the baby cries.

I feel naked without my nails done, but I'm fairly good at giving myself a manicure so I hate paying for one. But never having the time to wait for nails to dry has left my nails bare more often then not. My friend Kelly took notice of this and very kindly sent me a sample of Jamberry Nails. Kelly is an independent sales person for Jamberry but I was under no obligation to write this review. I have to say however, I love them!

They are so easy to apply, there is no drying time, and they last FOREVER. I've had mine on for over a week and it's still ticking! The process of application is very basic. First you wipe your nails down with alcohol so that there are no oils that compromise the adhesive. Then you take the nail wrap that fits your finger (which is essentially a sticker) and warm it with your hairdryer for roughly 5 seconds. Then apply to your nail and push out any bubbles with a rubber cuticle pusher. Grab your hairdryer and warm up the sticker which is now attached to the nail and continue to apply pressure to remove any bubbles or wrinkes. Finally trim the wrap with scissors to match your nail length and then file in a downward motion to remove any rough edges so you have a seamless application.

The process does take roughly half an hour, but there's no drying time, so if you need to stop to do something, you can! Pick up where you left off when you have time. Thats what I love about this product. That and the fact they can last weeks and Im sold! There are so many colours and patterns to chose from. Im more of a basic girl and don't really enjoy crazy patterns and designs, but there are tons of wraps for someone like me! Subtle ombre wraps and glittery wraps, or just basic solid and french tip designs. You can purchase your own Jamberry Nail Wraps here: www.JamberryNails.net