Wearable Blue Shadow

Ever wanted to wear blue eyeliner without looking like a clown, or your mom from the 80's? Well fear not! Its really easy to make bright shadows wearable. The key is to counteract the brightness with some nude, warm tones. For this look I placed the blue in the centre of the lid and a soft burgundy on the outer edges of the eyes. To tie everything into place I used a warm tan matte shadow on the brow bone to soften the look and transition the shadows into the skin.

For this look I used:

Kat Von D Spellbinding Palette
House of Lashes Pixie Luxe Falsies
Motives Little Black Dress Gel Liner
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Blonde and Medium Brown

New Years Eyes

Happy New Years! I wish I was able to post a New Years look before today, but I was so busy with Christmas activities that I haven't been able to post in weeks! On the 17th I flew to Vancouver with Aniston for Christmas with my parents, and then on the 22nd I flew back and joined my husband, dog, and inlays back in Hershey for Christmas. The family left on the 30th so I really haven't had any time for you guys! Im sorry! Here is my look that I wore tonight for the last day of 2013! Which I can say has been the best year of my life! Welcoming my beautiful girl into the world was an overwhelming, humbling, amazing, the list goes on and on, experience. She's more than we ever expected, and its crazy to love someone this much. Its actually sad to say goodbye to 2013 because it means Aniston is getting big! Anyways, back to the makeup look. Here's the products I used for this look!

Rust & Violet

Hey guys! Here's a look I did last week on instagram, that I thought Id post! This look was done using the new Kat Von D limited edition palette from Sephora, and a NYX slide on pencil in Violet. This Kat Von D palette is completely sold out everywhere and won't be made again! I definitely recommend it, theres so many neutral colours as well as brights! For all you ladies that don't have it yet, but want it, I did find some on Amazon! Here's the link: Kat Von D Spellbinding Shadow Book

1. I started with the reddish pink shade 3rd from the bottom, second from left, in the upper crease area. and on the lower eyelid.
2. Next I applied the dark red shade in the bottom right layered on top of the first shade, on the upper and lower lid.
3. I then used the champagne shade in the top row, second from the left all over the lid.
Then I used the brownish gold shade second from left and second from bottom, in the outer corner blended into the crease.
4. Then using a matte brown (not in the palette) I applied this subtly into the outer corner.
5. Lastly line your lid with a violet pencil and then water line. I also tight lined my upper lash line with black.
6. Finish with mascara.