How to Prevent Bubbles in Nail Polish After a Manicure

Isn't it the worst thing ever? You spend a generous amount of time applying a base coat, a few layers of polish and a top coat, for the perfect polished nail. Maybe you even tediously trimmed your cuticles. Everything looks perfect, until about 40 minutes later, and there's bubbles raised up all over your perfectly polished fingers. Bleh!

First off, how does this happen. Well there are lots of reasons. You applied to many layers of polish too soon, your nail polish bottle was old and somewhat clumped, you shook the bottle of polish before applying. The list goes on, but who cares why it happens as long as it doesn't, right?

To prevent bubbles from popping up in your polish follow these guidelines.

Never Shake Your Polish

I know its tempting, especially when the colour has slightly separated, but never shake your polish like a salt shaker. Instead place the bottle vertically between your palms and roll the bottle in the same motion you would rub your hands together on a chilly day. Doing so will prevent air bubbles from developing in the polish, something you might not notice until its too late.

Wait for the Previous Coat of Polish to Dry Before Applying the Next

It might seem dry, but most of the time your nail polish wont be completely dried all the way through. If it seems solid on the top it might not be underneath. If you don't let the layer of polish dry all the way through before  applying the next coat, it will push air bubbles up as it dries. To make sure your nails are completely dry, once the top feels dry, soak your fingers in ice water for 15 seconds. This will ensure the polish is dried all the way through.

Apply Thin Coats of Polish

In regards to the last guideline, if you apply a thin layer of polish instead of a thick one, it will take much less time to dry. In the long run, this will make for a quicker manicure. Also, if its a thin layer, any air bubbles from the bottle have a harder chance of being transferred to your nail if using such a thin coat. When using a thick coat you cant really tell what you've got in there, plus its messier!

Apply a Polish Thinner to the Bottle

If your polish is older, or thick and clumpy, it most definitely has bubbles. To prevent this, grab yourself a nail polish thinner and mix some into your bottle, this wont ruin your polish at all but simply thin it out for easier application. Add as directed on the bottle, and then shake shake shake. But allow the polish to settle for an hour before you start your manicure, or point #1 about not shaking is a write off. WARNING: Don't add nail polish remover to your polish to thin it out. This will ruin your polishes!

Hope this helps guys! If you follow these guidelines your manicure won't be wasted! And if you have some tips that help remove bubbles, please leave them in the comment section! MWAH!