Naked3: Subtle Frost

Hey guys! I really suck at posting frequently eh? Shame on me!! Anyways tonight is Super Bowl Sunday and the husband is at a party and I am here with the young one, so I had all the time in the world to do this look using the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. Its a subtle eye enlarging frosted look with darkened corners on the inner and outer eye. Hope you enjoy!

P.S. Im transitioning to blonde so please don't judge my tiger striped hair!

1. My Base/Primer is MAC Paint Pot in Painterly
2. Apply Limit to the upper crease for transition with a blending brush
3. Apply Nooner into the crease with a crease brush, and onto your lower lids with the same brush
4. Using a crease brush again, apply Darkside into the outer corner, as well as your lower lids outer corner
5. Grab that same old crease brush and apply Mugshot into the inner corner stopping at your tear duct
6. With a packing all over shadow brush apply Dust to the centre of the eye lid and pack Strange on top and then onto the brow bone
7. Apply a frosted white into the inner corner to brighten

New Years Eyes

Happy New Years! I wish I was able to post a New Years look before today, but I was so busy with Christmas activities that I haven't been able to post in weeks! On the 17th I flew to Vancouver with Aniston for Christmas with my parents, and then on the 22nd I flew back and joined my husband, dog, and inlays back in Hershey for Christmas. The family left on the 30th so I really haven't had any time for you guys! Im sorry! Here is my look that I wore tonight for the last day of 2013! Which I can say has been the best year of my life! Welcoming my beautiful girl into the world was an overwhelming, humbling, amazing, the list goes on and on, experience. She's more than we ever expected, and its crazy to love someone this much. Its actually sad to say goodbye to 2013 because it means Aniston is getting big! Anyways, back to the makeup look. Here's the products I used for this look!

Mad About Matte

If I can recommend one thing, in terms of beauty, to women, its to use more matte shadows and blushes. Shimmer and pearlescent shades are beautiful but mattes are so flattering on everybody. Shimmers can often be too much, especially when used in the crease. ( I almost never use shimmer in the crease) They also show every flaw, if you have subtle wrinkles in your lids, shimmers will accentuate them, while matte's do a good job at concealing them. The only thing about matte's, is they have to be blended extremely well, which can be more difficult. The better quality the shadow, and the better quality the brush, the easier time you will have. Also, if you use less product, and then layer to create the desired opacity, its much easier then using too much product at once. 

Here is a matte look I did yesterday using only 3 shadows. I used the Kryolan Neutral Matte Palette, which is the perfect palette to compliment your Naked palettes, as those contain mostly shimmer and pearlescent shadows. 

1. I started with MAC Painterly Pot all over the lid.
2. I then applied a light ash brown to the upper crease using a fluffy blending brush.
3. Using an all over shadow brush I packed a dark brown onto the lid and blended out.
4. Lastly, I applied a cream coloured shadow to the brown bone, inner corner of the eye, and lower lash line.
5. Finish with mascara and liner.